Our body is always trying to achieve a state of balance for optimum performance. However, stress (whether physical, mental or emotional in origin) can create local tensions within the body which may impede the flow of our blood, lymph and vital energy or “Qi”.  If left to persist, these blockages can create discomfort and interfere with the elimination of harmful waste products, thereby weakening our immune system and encouraging ill health.

Pain and ill health are important indicators from our body, asking us to review our lives and address the situations which have created them. Shiatsu, being non-invasive, uses compassionate and therapeutic touch to enable the body to shift imbalances and attain a higher level of vitality and self-awareness. This, together with practical dietary and lifestyle advice, can allow positive steps to be taken towards regaining control of our lives.
Humans are instinctively creative, as is evident by the marks made by early man. Often this impulse has been thwarted by negative or misunderstood feedback from teachers, family or peers.
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Our creative nature is delicate and can easily retreat further and further until we feel it is lost, and that it never existed in the first place. The activity of making a mark, either with a pencil, pen, paint brush or in clay, within a safe and “held” environment can be incredibly liberating and healing.

Art can help us rediscover the joy of expression and rebuild confidence in our innate skills.
On a deeper level it can help us voice, in a visual way, unexpressed feelings and emotions. By gently bringing back out into the light what has been buried, we can increase our self-awareness and allow ourselves to create and accept change in our lives.
Private sessions generally last 1½ hours.
Group session times are negotiable.
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It is for everyone:
• People who feel like they “can’t do art” but want to try
• People who feel stuck in their creative lives
• People who are stressed or work under pressure
• People who want to explore periods of transition and change
• Groups who want to play together creatively
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“ I felt I was free to be just who I am without being judged.”

“ There isn’t the pressure to make a perfect picture, just the pleasure of being creative - using new materials, exploring ideas.”

"It’s not about being an artist, it’s about using symbols to explore feelings and emotions…making them visible to yourself often in a surprising and meaningful way.”

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